Thank you for choosing Adam M. Beaudry, CPA, LLC to assist you with the preparation of your 2020 tax returns! 

Ways to provide us with your tax documents:

If you are just dropping off your tax documents, you do not need to schedule an appointment. Once your tax return is prepared, we will reach out to you.

If you have questions that you would like answered, before the tax preparation begins, please email Tara at and she will arrange a phone call or a Zoom conference for you.

1. Use the client portal. The portal can be accessed anytime using the client portal button on the top right of this website. 

2. Drop off your documents anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Our office is located at 100 Grove Street, Suite 112, Worcester. Access to the parking lot is on the side of the building near Prescott St. and Faraday St.. Please use the directory to call our office to gain access to the parking lot. We cannot validate parking for the parking lot across the street.The main entrance is in the front of the building underneath the large sign that says 100 Grove. We are located on the first floor in Suite 112. 


Video directions to our office

3. Mail your documents to our office. Please do not mail original copies. 

Client Portal Information:

1. CLIENT PORTAL SET UP: You will receive an email to set up a username and password for your client portal. We recommend you bookmark this website, so you can easily access your portal at anytime. All of your tax documents will be accessible through this portal. 

2. ENGAGEMENT LETTER: An engagement letter will be sent to you for electronic signature. If you did not receive it or you prefer to print out a copy, email Tara at

3. TAX ORGANIZER: A tax organizer will be sent to your client portal. You will be able to upload your documents to the tax organizer. Once you have uploaded all of your tax documents, you will click the button Send to Preparer

4. TAX QUESTIONNAIRE: A list of questions is included in your tax organizer. You can fill this out electronically. The questionnaire will alert our attention to any changes we need to be aware of regarding your tax situation.

Below is an example of what your client portal will look like.

- Folder on the left hand side with your name on it.- Your completed tax returns will go here.

- Upload Tax Documents- This will allow you to upload your tax documents directly to your organizer. You do not have to fill out the organizer in order to send documents. 

Screenshot (10).png

Tax Organizer: You do not have to fill out the organizer in order to upload your documents.

Orange Send to Preparer Button: Once ALL of your documents are uploaded, send to preparer.

Create PDF: If you click this pdf, it will download your engagement letter, tax questionnaire and your tax organizer so you can print a copy. 

Screenshot (11).png