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Adam M. Beaudry, CPA, LLC is the perfect answer to the accounting needs of your business. We offer the flexibility to create a package of accounting services, made to match the requirements of your particular business. We can provide bookkeeping services, tax planning, new business advisory and much more. Whether your business is new or established, you'll always receive the personal support and exceptional service our firm offers. 

Advisory Services: Advisory services allow us to meet with our clients and use our knowledge, experience, and expertise to educate them on business best practices, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies.


  • A customized advisory package is created based on the individual needs of each client

  • Information is presented in an organized and easy-to-follow format using a Powerpoint Presentation

  • Follow up summary with action items are provided following each session

  • A copy of the Powerpoint Presentation is uploaded to your client center for easy access.

Advisory Session Topics:
  • Entity Structure Review

  • Entity Compliance and Documentation

  • Owner Compensation and Estimated Tax Planning

  • Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

  • Maximizing Tax Deductions

  • Independent Contractor-Employee Analysis

  • Self-Employed Retirement Plans & Fringe Benefits

  • Accounting System Set Up

  • Administrative Operations Set Up

Advisory Session Topics:
  • Multi-Entity Organizational Structure & Flow of Funds

  • Equity Planning-Post Tax Net Worth

  • Purchasing a Business Vehicle

  • Selling your Business

  • Rental Property Operations

  • Succession Planning

  • Cash Flow Analysis/Debt Management

  • Estate, Gift, and Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Personal Cash Flow Planning/Budgeting

  • Retirement Planning

  • Charitable Planning

Maintenance Services: Annual maintenance services allow us to assist and support you as a business owner throughout the year. Quarterly check-ins are scheduled in advance and accompanied by a detailed agenda that will best suit the needs of your business. The number of check-ins for each year can vary from one to four, depending on need and compliance requirements. 

Maintenance Check-In Topics:
  • Ensure Annual Report is filed

  • Discuss Meeting Minutes

  • Confirm mileage log is correctly documented

  • Assistance with Form of List 

  • Assistance gathering and sending documentation for insurance audits

  • Ensure BOI filing is current and timely filed



  • Comparison of Year-to-Date Gross Income

  • Comparison of Year-to-Date Net Income

  • Increase percentage of net profit to project total year’s income

  • Discuss future goals for your business

  • Analyze the  changes to income and expenses from previous year

  • Analyze year-to-date salary and shareholder distributions 

  • Analyze long-term and short-term liabilities

  • Determine the debt-to-income ratio for your business

  • Planned major purchases

  • Planned changes

  • File Form 2553 to elect S Corporation status

Tax Season Preparation
  • Preparation, review, and filing of tax returns

  • Multi-state tax filing

  • Assistance in the selection of accounting methods, legal organization and financial reporting

  • Receive purchase and sale agreements

  • Review home office expenses

  • Year-end tax projection

  • Review list of documents needed for tax preparation

Maintenance Check-In Topics:
Bookkeeping Review & Training
  • Review year-to-date bookkeeping

  • Provide clarification for uncategorized transactions

  • Create Journal Entries for any business expenses paid from a personal account

  • Review home office expenses 

  • Check the reconciliations of the accounts

  • Review and add/remove assets if necessary

  • Bookkeeping Training

    • Set-up software​

    • Assist with linking accounts

    • Review the 5 main types of accounts

    • Create Chart of Accounts

    • Train how to reconcile monthly statements

  • Review list of needed documents for employees

  • Review list of contractors and upload W-9 forms to the client center

  • Review a Payroll Audit Checklist to ensure deductions and fringe benefits are accounted for correctly

Maintenance Check-In Topics:
Accounting/Bookkeeping Services
  • Record transactions using  bank, credit card, and loan statements

  • Enter receipts only if not on a bank, credit card, or loan statement

  • Categorize all transactions to the correct account in the general ledger to assure accurate and reliable tax-ready financial statements

  • Ask you questions if any transactions are unclear

  • Reconcile the general ledger accounts in the accounting software with your bank, credit, card, and loan statements

  • Keep track of vendors who will need to receive a 1099 form. Provide you with a list of vendors we will need W-9 forms for

  • Email quarterly financial reports

  • Create Journal Entries for any business expenses paid from a personal account

  • Create year-end journal entries 

Services for Individuals


  • Tax compliance and planning

  • Tax return preparation

  • Personal income tax planning

  • Multi-state tax preparation & planning

  • Estate and gift tax planning

  • Expatriate tax preparation and FBAR filing

  • Estate and trust tax preparation

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