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Don't Get Caught in the Tractor Beam.

Doesn’t working from home sound great? I always thought it did. I would listen with envy when a friend or colleague would describe how their job allowed them to work from home. “Why can’t I work from home?” I would say, doing my best spoiled kid impersonation.

Six months ago, I had my chance. The universe aligned. I had started my own practice, and for my first tax season, I would be working primarily out of a home office. This was going to be great! Roll out of bed, have a coffee, ease into my work day. This was it – I had arrived.

Fast forward six months, and “Why can’t I just go into an office like everyone else does?” - sense a theme.

What was the problem? Other than an annoying habit of whining like a five year-old, it was as simple as work/life balance. Specifically, that I had tipped the work/life balance scale too far to the work side of the equation.

I had robbed myself of a much needed sanctuary. I couldn’t walk by my office without feeling the pull of its tractor beam (apologies to non-Star Wars fans that totally won’t get that reference). Relaxing at home now came with the persistent mental prodding of “you should be up in the office working” or “what are you doing on the couch?!? What if someone sees you just sitting there?!? Get back to work, quick, before someone notices.”

I am now happily back in an office - an office in a building that is not also a part of my house. I just had to accept that I liked the “going” part of going to work. It was also a reminder, and not for the first time mind you, that often what I think I “want” is the opposite of what I actually need.

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